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Our Brew Pub

Greenville’s own beer brewed daily using the finest and freshest ingredients available. Our local Brew Master has trained with and brewed hand in hand with one of the greatest Brew Masters in the state of Michigan.

57 Brew Pub is committed to brewing handcrafted beers that are unique, flavorful and some of the best you’ve tasted.  Not sure what to order? Try a beer flight and sample FOUR!

On Tap

12 oz, 16 oz,  and 64 oz. Growlers available!

Our full and flavorful brew uses Pale, Munich, Honey and Rye, combined with honey from our local farms and a hint of Hops for a smooth finish.

1.074 SG | 6.5 ABV | 24 IBU

A light ale from a combination of Pale and Wheat malts makes it a great introductory craft style brew. A touch of Hops to finish.

1.054 SG | 6.1 ABV | 12 IBU

A hearty combination of Rye, 4-Crystals and Carapils malts hopped with Centennial and Amarillo. For the more adventuresome craft brew fan.

1.074 SG | 7.6 ABV | 65 IBU

Greenville IPA made with Pale, Crystal and Munich malts. Generously hopped with Perle, Amarillo, Zythos.

1.059 SG | 5.9 ABV | 55 IBU

A blend of Pale, Midnight Wheat and Chocolate malts, with a moderate addition of Perle hops.

1.052 SG  | 6.1 ABV | 36 IBU

A delicious blend of Dirty Blonde and Raspberry Cider!


12 oz, 16 oz,  and 64 oz. Growlers available!  Ask your server and check your table menu for current offerings.

Brewed with real Madagascar vanilla beans, blended with chocolate, black and caramel malts. Silky smooth and dark.

1.050 SG | 4.7 ABV | 28 IBU

10 oz. barrel aged


St.Nick’s Ginger Ale  is a limited edition and sure to be a pub favorite. Subtle hints of ginger and spice!


This Northern English brown has soft notes of biscuit and chocolate malts that finish dry & crisp like the autumn air. A definite must try!


As we began collecting the harvest, some of our stores of barley and corn find their way to our new farmhouse ale… with light fruity tones and a crisp finish proving our springtime labors worth.


The Black Bear IPA is a smooth dark ale that has a pleasant piney/citrus aroma and flavor. This beer will quench your thirst and warm your soul all winter long.


View 57’s Menu Selections!

Our menu selection includes Michigan produced fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish, poultry and meats to help sustain this vital economy.

Enjoy your handcrafted beer with these offerings created by our award-winning chefs.

57 Brew Pub & Bistro Menu Dec 2014 (PDF)